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PUSH (it)

How many times have you heard the word ‘PUSH’ in your military career? Push yourself… push the standards… Push up…push the limits… keep on pushing… C’mon Soldier, push it. HARDER!

Ahhhh, push it… wait, that’s not military… (Pu-pu-pu push it REAALLL good)…

How many times have you heard the word since you’ve transitioned?

In the military, you are given the opportunity time and time again to push yourself. You are challenged daily to push yourself… Not just simply to meet the standards, but you better damn well PUSH the standards.

The word push has so many meanings… It’s a verb… but it’s also a NOUN. Yes, it is a thing. One definition specifically is that push is a vigorous effort to do or obtain something.

You likely spent your time in service pushing yourself every… single… day. It’s one reason why the transition from military to civilian can be such a major challenge for some. The push suddenly becomes so different. It becomes so… personal. You no longer have others around you screaming in your ear constantly. You no longer have someone else accountable for you or your actions… In fact, you sometimes are no longer accountable for yourself or your actions. You no longer have the constant comradery or support of others PUSHING you along the way. Suddenly, your support system – who also works as a part of your subconscious in the military – is a memory. You KNOW you have it in you, but suddenly, your world is different. The composition of your world turns into a sometimes foreign and unfamiliar territory. You call this world the ‘civilian world’ because literally – to you, it is another world. And here you are… Projected into this ‘alien’ land trying to find yourself and your voice… trying to PUSH yourself to fit the new standards and challenges.

For some, it’s invigorating and exciting. You love new challenges after all.

But for others, it’s overwhelming… it’s sometimes scary. And often, it doesn’t make sense. You often ask yourself, HOW IN THE CIVILIAN WORLD DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY MAKE IT?

Job hunting is exhausting… your role(s) are challenging… you don’t know what to do with your free time… you have a list of things to do that keeps getting longer.

You question yourself sometimes and other times, you question your choices.

You… are… NOT… alone!

So, let me ask you… better yet… let me CHALLENGE YOU to ASK YOURSELF, Why have YOU stopped PUSHING?

In the military, what did you do with fear? You faced it. You were trained to move towards the enemy and protect yourself and your comrades. You were confident in yourself and your abilities. You allowed yourself to push yourself day in and day out. You allowed others to push you… Why stop pushing now?

You have it in you. Believe you have it in you.


And if you feel like quitting, remember, all it takes is a good PUSH.

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