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Total Eclipse –what choice will you make today?

Let’s face it – even if you have tried to avoid the rage and hype of the eclipse happening today, it has been pretty unavoidable. People on a mission looking for eclipse ‘appropriate’ viewing glasses, hotels completely booked in the ‘line’ of the eclipse, traffic jams in cities and states unlike seen before, people warning of vision loss/vision injury, warning to keep pets and children inside from line of sight. Honestly, it has been stressful thinking all these thoughts about something that regardless of how we ‘prepare for’ is going to happen – whether we’re ‘ready’ or not. Some reports of even gas and food shortages – because let’s get real – we absolutely need bread, milk and eggs for the projected two minutes of ‘darkness’ that will fall upon us. It all seems so stressful. Sometimes it’s so easy taking something so ‘simple’ and ‘beautiful’ and turning it into an anxiety-packed, complicated, and fearful event.

An eclipse, most would define as– to hide, to conceal, to obscure, to cover, to darken, to hide from view, to cast a shadow on…

But did you also consider that it can also mean to – overshadow, outshine, outdo, surpass, overpower, put into the shade, cast a shadow over…

What does this mean to you? We will all go through 'eclipses' in our lives. These unavoidable occurrences, on our horizons, that no matter how much we prepare for, will happen. But guess what? During these events, YOU have the CHOICE to define the outcome of the eclipse in your life. You have the ability to take control of the decisions in your life. You can turn that dark into light. You can stop hiding. You can stop standing off to the side in the dark and start moving to that spotlight – outshining.

What does it take? It’s simple really. All it takes is one statement – one MEANINGFUL statement to yourself – “I can do this.” It must be meaningful though. Words are just that – words. When you put actions and intentions of actions behind your words, that’s when they become meaningful.

So, today, when others are chaotically prepping for this total eclipse, how will you start prepping for yours?


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