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Services & Pricing

Transform and Transition:

One-on-one coaching that focuses on the military to civilian transition. This can be for veterans who have been out of the service and have transitioned at any point. This coaching package focuses on identifying priorities during transition and mapping goals and objectives to meet.

  • Identify priorities during the transition and create short-term and long-term goals/objectives.

  • Utilize assessments and tools to explore strengths and weaknesses.

  • Focus on establishing post-military identity. Can create a life or career map based on desired outcomes.

  • Assist with creating a personal brand. Includes assistance with LinkedIn profile and social networking if desired.


3-month/12-week package – Weekly 1-hour calls. Email and text message support. Written coaching session reports.

$1,020/$340 per month


$60 per half-hour or $95 per hour (as needed)



Choose Your Career:

 One-on-one coaching that focuses on career-specific outcomes. Are you a transitioning service member trying to figure out your next career move post-transition? Are you a military spouse who is ready to come back into the workforce? Are you a military retiree trying to figure out your second career? Are you a veteran looking to utilize your skillsets in a new and exciting way?


This coaching package focuses specifically on career objectives. This is ideal for anyone looking for a new job, looking to change careers, for transitioning service members, for retired service members trying to identify their second career, or military spouses or family members.

  • Work to align life purpose and career.

  • Recognize different career paths and jobs suited based on personality, talents, potential and ambition.

  • Clarify long-term career goal and develop career map which will identify short-term goals and objectives.

  • Assist with application documents, resume crafting, job search strategies and interview preparation. Assist with translating skills and abilities gained through the service.


3-month/12-week package – Weekly 30 min calls. Email and text message support. Written coaching session reports.

$600/$200 per month


$60 per half-hour or $95 per hour (as needed)

Custom packages:

Can create one-on-one or group coaching packages based on individual needs and desired outcomes. Please contact me if interested in coming up with a plan that meets your needs!

Standard hourly rate:

$60 per half-hour or $95 per hour.

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