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About me!


If you're looking into hiring a coach, you are likely at a crossroads in your journey. You are likely stuck at a point where you aren't sure if you can do IT alone. A coach can help you isolate the barrier(s) and give you the tools, the push, and the support to carry you through. Maybe it all seems too overwhelming. If you're in the transition process or will soon be, this is an especially challenging time. I understand the transition and the military from so many perspectives! Let me help you! You do not have to traverse this journey alone!

​I grew up an Army Brat. My father was in the military for over 30 years. He and my mother met while they were both in the service. I had a younger brother who ended up joining the Army as well. He recently transitioned.​ I grew up developing a strong military-connected identity. I knew it was my purpose to serve.

I went to the University of Tampa on an ROTC scholarship. I commissioned as an Army Medical Service Corps officer in 2008. My husband and I met in ROTC in college and married immediately following graduation. We were dual military and this was especially challenging! In addition, I got pregnant with twins while he was on his first deployment. When he returned, I got pregnant with my third child. I chose to cut my military career short due to family obligations. I transitioned in 2012.

I am an Army spouse. I understand the hardships of living the military life. I understand the long nights, and sometimes long months with the kids. I understand the constant relocation. I understand the challenge of trying to find and maintain employment. I have three boys - twins, age 8 and a 7 year old. I understand the stress of PCS. Let me help you break through some of these challenges and barriers! When I returned to the workforce, I struggled finding employment. But within this last year of working, I was able to quadruple my salary and rose quickly up the ladder.

I worked as an Army, Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) career counselor in Fort Carson, Colorado. I worked one-on-one with hundreds of transitioning Soldiers of various ranks. I conducted one-on-one counseling sessions and edited resumes. I taught weekly classes on transition and translating your skills from military to civilian. I also taught classes on social networking, advanced resume writing and interviewing.

I worked as a Site Lead for the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) VA benefits advisors in Fort Belvoir, Virginia from 2017-2019. I briefed the VA benefits class as service members out-processed. I understand the VA process and all your eligible benefits! I helped transitioning service members, veterans, spouses and family members navigate through all their eligible benefits. I am familiar with the VA claims process, as I am also a service-connected disabled veteran.

I worked as a Transition Coordinator (TC) for the Army’s Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) in Fort Belvoir, Virginia in 2019. In that position, I worked directly with wounded warriors and their families. I had a caseload of over 100 service members and helped them find careers based on their new limitations and challenges. In addition, I also worked with local and national government and non-government entities. I became familiar with many of the laws and regulations governing disabled veterans and spouses.

In addition, I have dedicated all of my research during my doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychology (with a concentration on Psychological Coaching) to veteran transition. My dissertation is complete and the topic is: The post-9/11 female veteran transition experience from the military to civilian workforce. I also presented during an annual conference in April 2019 during a symposium called – Veteran Identity and Transition.

I am an advocate. I have ‘sat at the table’ on Capital Hill with the Women’s Veteran Task Force and chatted about the transition process and need for reformation. I have ‘sat at the table’ with members of VA and members of government about the transition assistance programs for the various services. I am active on all social media platforms regarding veteran issues.

My passion to continue serving our military has ‘leaked’ into all aspects of my life. I became a Certified Veteran Developmental Coach (CVDC) in July 2017. I specialize in veteran development, veteran transition, reintegration, and both career and life mapping. I have logged hundreds of hours both through coaching and through mentorship. I have worked with thousands of veterans, transitioning service members and spouses. I have deep-dived on everything from career mapping assistance, navigating the transition, life mapping and coaching, and digging in really deep to find that drive and purpose.

If you are struggling, you don’t have to do it alone. Sometimes the resources provided to us for free aren’t enough. Sometimes we need more support. Sometimes we need personal courage. Sometimes we need someone to listen and help us get through. Sometimes we need a coach. I hope that you will send me a message if you’re interested in hearing more. Please feel free to email me or send a message on the website. I hope to hear from you soon!

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